Grand Jatra Hotel, Pekanbaru

Grand Jatra Hotel Pekanbaru the essence of true modern art deco style. All 200 bedrooms and suites boast the latest in communications and entertainment technology. Rooms and suites have super high speed wifi internet connection to support your business needs and LCD TV screens with more then 50 local and international satellite HD broadcast. There is a wide range of suites, dining and meeting rooms, much in demand for cocktail receptions and press junkets.

With it’s luxury Executive Suites, the hotel offers magnificent views over Pekanbaru City, Grand Jatra Hotel Pekanbaru is the luxurious art deco jewel of Pekanbaru, Riau. In the heart of Pekanbaru, Riau it offers a unique and personalised service, right in the centre of business city and entertainment spot.

My Notes
Room 745
View Hotel roof, unenjoyable
Balcony No
Room Facilities AC, TV, Water Heater, LCD TV 32", key card to choose the floor on the elevator, to open the door and activate the power. Key slot can accept other cards.
Bathroom Toilet seat, detachable shower (with hose), washbasin (standard toiletries), 2 towels, mat, hot and cold water, great waterflow
Hotel Facilities Parking space, restaurant, free wifi (open), convention hall, swimming pool
Room Price Rp500.000 (Corporate Rate), breakfast included
Remarks Couch is too deep to sit for work on the desk. The internet speed is true, 1:1, but only for local connection. Toothbrush is not recommended, the bristles can wound your gum. Good quality sandals for walking around the hotel, but this room view is very poor.

Grand Jatra Pekanbaru, Access Point, Password and Speed:

AP: Jatrahotel
Login: Landing Page (jatrafree1/850888)

Not bad for accessing local sites. But for international, the speed is rather poor for today's standard.