Hotel Tentrem, Jogjakarta

Hotel Tentrem is a new paradigm of pure luxury in a traditional atmosphere. Gracing the serene of AM Sangaji Street with its elegance, Hotel Tentrem is an oasis of tranquility immediately adjacent to the traditional ambience of the city of Yogyakarta. Hotel Tentrem is just minutes stroll from the vibrant well-known district of Malioboro. Designed by the most creative minds in the profession, every aspect of Hotel Tentrem emanates quite privilege. It stands apart through its originality, the culture of Yogyakarta.

Hotel Tentrem offers a pleasant service, complete exclusivity and privacy in a peaceful and totally serene environment. Guests are ensured to enjoy a level of personal luxury. The name Tentrem taken from Javanese language possesses a deeper meaning of Javanese value which is the feeling of peace and calm.
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Great hotel, great scene, great facility. Terrible Internet connection. Too bad.