Ming by Tunglok, Senayan City, Jakarta

Ming by Tunglok (formerly known as Little Ming or Ming Dining) is a Chinese restaurant by Tunglok group (the same group that manages Dancing Crab) which is located at Senayan City's 3rd floor.

This high end Chinese food restaurant is a perfect place for casual dining and served a huge number of options from seafood, to chicken and beef.

The most recommended is Braised Fis Maw Soup and Bamboo Mushroom, Chong Qing Style Spicy Fried Chicken, Thai Green Curry Prawn, Work Fried Mongolian Sauce Beef or Fried Smoked Fish with Special Sauce.

Ming by Tunglok, Senayan City, Jakarta, Access Point, Password and Speed:

Login: babyduck

The internet speed is fantastic. It made this restaurant as one of my top choice to held meetings on it's VIP rooms. Highly recommended.